Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Development Solutions: Taste the Real Indian Power by Arun Kumar

Web identity creation with the help of a website is now no more a tough job. You would find a number of Web development solutions providers out there who are ready to offer you the most unique web site solutions at rates that just fall under your budget. The number of the developers is increasing each passing day and they are brining something new and innovative at a relentless manner. What makes the entire Web software development scene so promising today is that whatever you ask for you are endowed with that - all at an instant. You just need to recognize your business requirement as per the demands of the online spectrum, the web software application development firms would offer you exactly that without letting you put any effort at your end.

Since the advent of the internet, websites have been continuously bettering their visual appeals - thanks to the use of a variety of graphic designing tools. Also, a wide array of web development platforms have shown their heady performance for all types of projects handled. Developers and designers are now highly experienced and they just boast of catering their services to a large spectrum of clients irrespective of their business specialties.

Outsourcing of web application software design and development activities has also been highly responsible for the massive growth in the segments. The developing nations like those of the Asian countries are now doing a terrific job in all the fields thus cutting short the amount in investment. As a result, better products are now easily being developed just by utilizing the skills of the local workforce. As consumers, we have also been getting great price slashes for the products we purchase and the services we avail. Website development India is one of the most trusted names preferred the world over for all its business specific web site design and development endeavors. Promotional and marketing activities are also a part of the web development and web application designing solutions of many an Indian firms. These firms can be easily reached over the web for projects just with a few mouse clicks.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to build a Website? - Easy ways to make by Salem Hassan

Now Internet becomes the most used medium to find resources and information. It is also the best way to get your opinions and ideas out to the public. Over the years Internet get advanced and is now more popular than ever. Corporate businesses, college students, and even young kids are not only using the Internet to find what they need, but they also seize the opportunity to create and manage their own websites. Practically every person and business has a website out there, from their own domains to social media sites, such as Facebook and/or Myspace, so why not start your own? First step is to figure out what you want to get out there and go from there. Whether it be about you or something else, it can be anything you want it to be. After you figure it out, you can now think of a domain name for your website, and then either buy that domain name or use a free internet hosting site. The advantages of purchasing the domain name is just simply having only your name on the link rather than having your website redirected from a hosting site. Next step is to choose your keywords. The goal of choosing keywords is to build a table of keywords that can bring targeted traffic to your website. Start with general specific keywords relating to your website and then go on from there. Don't make your keywords too broad or else being picked out from millions of website will be next to impossible. Write down all the words and phrases that you think are related to your site and can be used by people when they search for your website. It's time to design your website. If you know how to write coding, that's great; if not then get someone to build your website for you. The best website is the most simple and easy to navigate. Don't worry about having the best LOOKING website. A site full of graphics will take a long time to load and if the user is impatient, they'll most likely go looking somewhere else. Your website design is a reflection of your services and its quality. After you have made your website, make sure you have everything that a user would need. Try being interactive by creating a blog, forum, or a message board for discussion, this will give your visitors something to look forward to and it may make your site stand out more. Keep your website updated on a regular basis, this way, your visitors will want to keep coming back to find out what's new


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tips for Creating a Plan for Effective Web Application Development by Arun Kumar

For an organization, Web Application Development is extremely important - not only from the business perspective, but also on the virtues of the impact it leaves on the visitors. The image of the company depends on its web applications. The more effective and detail an application is, the better gets the image of the organization displayed. And the business of the company largely depends on its image. Creating a plan for effective web application development is important taking into account the time it takes to complete the project. Such development is usually outsourced to a service provider, which is able to meet the requirements under the stringent time frame and quality requirements. And when it comes to outsourcing, the horde of web development experts in India has no match. India, with its cost-competitive and technologically adept resource pool comes as the best choice as Affordable Web Development partner for businesses worldwide. Generally, an outsourcing decision is preceded by requirement analysis and bidding. The outsource service provider, upon finalization on the project terms, starts to idealist upon the possibilities and thus sends a final blueprint of how the project would be carried forward. Advanced Web Application Development requires planning for various reasons. First, through planning, both the 'service provider' and the 'client' come in terms to your requirements - its features and functionality. Secondly, drawing up a plan is like drawing up a blueprint so that you stay right on the track and meet the deadline set. This is especially true while developing custom web applications. A lot of time is spent in discussion with the clients. So a blueprint is essential so that you draw up a plan, executes it and go to next stage. Working according to a plan also helps to cut sudden expenses. A well-drawn plan encompasses four different phases. First is to understand the nature of the project, clients' requirements and accordingly envisioning the direction and nature of the project. This, as mentioned above, starts as soon as the client chooses a service provider to execute the project. This may take several rounds of discussions before finally the clients agree to the project proposal. The next phase is to device a blueprint for the project. Again, this is done according to the nature of the project, the time frame and other requirements. The third phase involves development and the last stage involves testing, support and stability.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CCVS API Functions in php by ahsan hashmi

These functions interface the CCVS API, allowing you to work directly with CCVS from your PHP scripts. CCVS is RedHat\'s solution to the \"middle-man\" in credit card processing. It lets you directly address the credit card clearing houses via your *nix box and a modem. Using the CCVS module for PHP, you can process credit cards directly through CCVS via your PHP Scripts. The following references will outline the process.

????: CCVS has been discontinued by Red Hat and there are no plans to issue further keys or support contracts. Those looking for a replacement can consider MCVE by Main Street Softworks as a potential replacement. It is similar in design and has documented PHP support!

This extension has been removed from PHP and is no longer available as of PHP 4.3.0. If you want to use credit card processing features you can use MCVE instead.

Installation To enable CCVS Support in PHP, first verify your CCVS installation directory. You will then need to configure PHP with the --with-ccvs option. If you use this option without specifying the path to your CCVS installation, PHP will attempt to look in the default CCVS Install location (/usr/local/ccvs). If CCVS is in a non-standard location, run configure with: --with-ccvs=[DIR], where DIR is the path to your CCVS installation. Please note that CCVS support requires that DIR/lib and DIR/include exist, and include cv_api.h under the include directory and libccvs.a under the lib directory.

Additionally, a ccvsd process will need to be running for the configurations you intend to use in your PHP scripts. You will also need to make sure the PHP Processes are running under the same user as your CCVS was installed as (e.g. if you installed CCVS as user \'ccvs\', your PHP processes must run as \'ccvs\' as well.)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten top php scripts for your website by Bob Ryan

PHP makes it easy to add powerful features to your website with minimal effort through the use of scripts. If you have CakePHP installed, you can use the Paypal Payments Component to set up Paypal to receive payments and donations. CakePHP also lets you display all the latest from your Twitter feed with a script that you can copy and paste from their sites Articles section. Another great feature of CakePHP is that it can allow you to harness the power of jQuery to allow users to upload and crop images. Use this to allow users to upload avatars or post an image for their friends. This script can be found in the "Snippets" section of their site. Another great script provided by CakePHP is the AutoLogin component. Now, a user to your site will have the choice of whether or not they have to log in with each visit. Tired of getting spam in the comments section of your site? Commentia is yet another CakePHP script that helps filter out spam. Other PHP frameworks can provide most of these features. Say you want to see exactly what pages on the site your visitors are viewing most? Take a look at IDLogger, a click-tracking script. The coolest feature of this script is that all the data is returned in real time - you can even track individual users as they move from page to page. Usercart2 makes setting up an online shop a walk in the park. phpBB will give your visitors a bulletin board with which to interact on your site. Set up a blog - or even give users their own blogs - quickly and easily with PostNuke. Finally, keep your news page up-to-date with CuteNews, an easy and powerful way to add and edit news updates.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Connection handling in php by ahsan hashmi

Internally in PHP a connection status is maintained. There are 3 possible states:




When a PHP script is running normally the NORMAL state, is active. If the remote client disconnects the ABORTED state flag is turned on. A remote client disconnect is usually caused by the user hitting his STOP button. If the PHP-imposed time limit (see set_time_limit()) is hit, the TIMEOUT state flag is turned on.

You can decide whether or not you want a client disconnect to cause your script to be aborted. Sometimes it is handy to always have your scripts run to completion even if there is no remote browser receiving the output. The default behaviour is however for your script to be aborted when the remote client disconnects. This behaviour can be set via the ignore_user_abort php.ini directive as well as through the corresponding \"php_value ignore_user_abort\" Apache .conf directive or with the ignore_user_abort() function. If you do not tell PHP to ignore a user abort and the user aborts, your script will terminate. The one exception is if you have registered a shutdown function using register_shutdown_function(). With a shutdown function, when the remote user hits his STOP button, the next time your script tries to output something PHP will detect that the connection has been aborted and the shutdown function is called. This shutdown function will also get called at the end of your script terminating normally, so to do something different in case of a client disconnect you can use the connection_aborted() function. This function will return TRUE if the connection was aborted.

Your script can also be terminated by the built-in script timer. The default timeout is 30 seconds. It can be changed using the max_execution_time php.ini directive or the corresponding php_value max_execution_time Apache .conf directive as well as with the set_time_limit() function. When the timer expires the script will be aborted and as with the above client disconnect case, if a shutdown function has been registered it will be called. Within this shutdown function you can check to see if a timeout caused the shutdown function to be called by calling the connection_status() function. This function will return 2 if a timeout caused the shutdown function to be called.

One thing to note is that both the ABORTED and the TIMEOUT states can be active at the same time. This is possible if you tell PHP to ignore user aborts. PHP will still note the fact that a user may have broken the connection, but the script will keep running. If it then hits the time limit it will be aborted and your shutdown function, if any, will be called. At this point you will find that connection_status() returns 3.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Web development companies of Sydney fosters effective rise in online sales by Grace Alexa

In web technologies Australia have been a frontrunner and it is interesting to note that that this country was first to effectively implement electronic commerce. From real estate to retail sector and from newsagents to the trans-state railways, all have interactive web portals. The web development companies of Sydney are now of have high repute, their reputation is not only limited within Australia but it has spreaded across the planet. The Australian website design and website development companies offer cheap but lucrative solutions.

There are plenty of web site development companies and selection of the proper one is indeed a major job. Selection matters and we all weren't to get the best web based presence. This is nothing but a common fact that web presence is now must to do business better. In the recent past even after global economic slow down, online trade remained unchanged. There are different stages of web development and it is good idea to have basic overview of the processes that these Sydney web development companies follow.

Foremost the web development companies send the functional consultants to know the client's requirement better. As the prominent web development and design companies if Sydney focuses high on the client's expectations, each specification of the client is taken seriously. A close comparison is drawn between the competitor sites to judge the best and innovative way of developing a site. As several tools and software are in use while developing a site, the different options of selection of these tools are provided before the clients. As the client specifies the, the developmental process begins.

In case of any change in use of tools and technologies, the clients are informed immediately. And it is only after the approval from the client's end, the Sydney web development companies progress. There are several models of system development and the educated Sydney web developers proceed only as per the system development life cycle. In web sites, look and feel matters a lot and the Sydney web development service providers recruit highly skilled and trained designers and developers who have a strong sense of artistry.

In case of web hoisting, the Sydney web development companies offer cheap rates. Often in case of hosting in Linux platform, special rates are provided. For the client's convenience, different web development companies of Sydney maintain toll free numbers. In case of any urgent requirement the client can punch in these numbers and can inform. So, it can be summarized that the Sydney web development companies offer amazing services at best rates.

There are several companies that offer web based solutions and especially in the city of Sydney, there are plenty of web development companies. Self study along with suggestion from the people who have already taken assistance of these companies can provide a clear insight. This indeed helps to be in the safer side, web development involves investment and a wrong investment without the desired return may be just wastage of bucks.

The community newspapers and the local tabloids might provide information on the different web solution providers of Australia. In Sydney the newsagents may help to obtain a proper newspaper that provides address and details of the different web developers. Still, the final decision making rests upon the shoulder of service seeker.


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